Admission Procedure & Rules


Admission & Withdrawals

1. Applications for admission in the prescribed form will be available only at the office.

2. For pre-primary admission the original Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal corporation/competent authority should be produced. Students who come from other schools have to produce the school Leaving Certificate from the last Govt. recognized school he/she has attended.

3. The admission of students from unrecognized school will not be taken.

4. New students have to first appear for an entrance test and if found satisfactory, he/she would be admitted. The decision to admit any student solely lies with the Principal and CAO of Sanskaar. The decision will be final and binding (Non-negotiable). Students once admitted cannot be withdrawn without one month prior notice.

5. Fees once paid will not be refunded.

6. For the School Leaving Certificate application form found in the school calendar should be duly filled & submitted to the office one month in advance.

7. Leaving Certificate will not be issued unless all school dues are cleared, all books and articles belonging to the school are returned in good condition. The school authorities reserve the right for admitting / rejecting the student. The school authorities reserve the right to suspend or dismiss any student if his/her behaviour or progress is not satisfactory.

8. Application for transfer of any student should reach office on / before 30th April. Any request for transfer later then 30th April will be honoured, only after the remittance of the 1st term fee of the new academic year.

Code Of Behaviour:

Sanskaar CBSE is a school known and appreciated for its disciplined and well-mannered students. It is so because every student in Sanskaar CBSE is expected to behave responsibly, sensibly and abide by the principles set out by the school. Every student is required to know that he/she is a role model to his/her juniors. Any deviation from the acceptable standard of conduct invites strong corrective actions, which is administered with the assistance of the parents/guardians, whenever warranted.

Sanskaar CBSE encourages regular attendance in order to qualify for examinations, periodical tests and participation in cocurricular activities.