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Children of today are the citizens of tomorrow

It is only in a school that a child gets moulded and gets imbibed with all good qualities of sound formative ideals of a good and sound education, respect and regard for elders, teachers and traditions; they also acquire good moral qualities of honesty and sincerity in all walks of life and an open hearted attitude of friendliness, love and affection for others so that they become real ambassadors of culture and be SANSKAARI as they grow.

SANSKAAR is a modern and hi-tech institution backed up by well qualified and experienced teachers known for giving their personal attention to every student.



Assist a student to evolve into a complete human being, endowed with the qualities and attributes of a conscientious contributor towards a healthy society and in the larger context, the nation and fully equipping them to explore, experience the world around and achieve their individual goals, at the same time leaving a positive influence on the surroundings.


Strive to provide a conducive environment for healthy communication, for purposeful learning, to inculcate values for a qualitative life, and to promote brotherhood among students of various religious and linguistic backgrounds, for a unique and cohesive society.


Understanding that the school has the responsibility to mould the minds and groom the hearts of the young citizens for a better tomorrow. We want every student to be metamorphosed into a complete, competent, well-groomed and well-developed individual, with intelligence, human values and capabilities, acquired from the second ‘womb’ i.e. Sanskaar School.


In the year 1995, The Hubli Education Society was formed by a group of young entrepreneurs belonging to a linguistic minority community who are the fore runners in serving humanity, irrespective of caste, colour or creed, upholding the moral values and ethics of Indian culture, by providing qualitative educational and material assistance. Hubli Education Society has planted an ideal school "SANSKAAR", in an area spread over 80,000 Sq. ft. on Kusugal Road, Keshwapur in the naturally beautiful and salubrious surroundings, fulfilling the needs of the children from Montessori to 10th standard. This is an English Medium School in the truest sense and recognized,
Sanskaar School is recognized and affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.